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Abortion is legal in South Africa. On demand abortion is done up to the twelfth week (3 months) that is from the last menstruation cycle. Any abortion after twelve months becomes complicated and it is performed due to a reason usually a medical reason.

Early abortion is the safest. It is less complicated. So if you plan to have an abortion it is advisable to do so without delay.

Sometimes, however, women have compelling reasons to obtain abortions in later weeks though it is a service we do not do at abortion clinics in Pretoria.

9 months of pregnancy
How you look through 9 months

Before an Abortion

Visit your antenatal clinic and make sure that you have a normal pregnancy. Why? Because for a medical abortion to take place your pregnancy must be normal. This means that feotus must be in the womb. An abnormal pregnancy is when the feotus is growing in the fallopian tube. Although this type of pregnancy can be aborted it will need surgery. You will have to go to the theatre to under go an operation.

fallopian ectopic pregnancy
Fallopian Tube Pregnancy - Aborted by Surgery

normal pregnancy
Normal Pregnancy - Medical Abortion Recommended

Because of the reasons above that is why you have to make up your decision early if you want to have an abortion and know what your options are. The more you delay the more complicated your problems become.

Undiagnosed Pregnancy

Some women do not recognize that they are pregnant until the pregnancy is well advanced. Examples might include:

Calculate the Length of Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy Due Date Calulator

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